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Hi There!
And a big warm welcome to Barrio. You’ve landed on this page because you’re interested in joining, what we call, The Barrio Familia! So let us tell you what makes starting a new journey with us, so special.
You see when working at Barrio, you’re a part of a Latin inspired experience like no other! We’re talking nights with Samba Dancers and drum bands around you, while you serve delicious juicy tacos and tostadas with sides of flaming Cocktails!
And with our bars decked out with dancefloors and DJ booths, we’ll always encourage you to let your personality show, so don’t let us stop you from dancing when you hear your favourite song being played.
We have different jobs in Barrio for you to choose from and opportunities to grow, so we invite you to scroll down and find the one that speaks to you. We’ll see you on the other side!
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Working at Barrio may feel like you’re in a Latin circus full of food, cocktails, and entertainment. And our team of Barrio Managers are the ring masters of the bar. They are there to keep the party running smoothly and the team motivated to consistently deliver the high energy our guests want to experience in every visit.
The management team is made up of various levels; Whether you’re taking your first step into management hungry learn new skills, or a seasoned leader ready to share your experience. We have a role for you!

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If you choose to join our Barrio Party Starters, you’ll represent_ The Familia_ on the front-line, they’re the first people our guests see. We give this special name to our** Cocktail Bartenders**, Bar-Backs, Floortenders and our Hosts.
Do you see yourself shaking cocktails tins behind the bar? Or maybe you’ll want to be the reliable bar-back watching out for when the bartenders need a hero.
But if either you’re greeting the guests or delivering their food, we want our Party Starters to show everyone a good time, always ready to get involved in the Barrio party!

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What goes better with a strong tequila cocktail? Well, a tray of fresh Latin street food of course!
The cantina in each bar is where our teams of Head Chefs, Chefs and Kitchen Porters work as a team to deliver the Barrio menu we’re proud to serve to our guests-We’re talking Tacos/ Quesadillas/Tostadas/ Churros and much more!

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Barrio means neighbourhood and bringing people together for good times – and that’s exactly how we operate. We love and look after our people and there’s lots of room for growth and progression within the company. We have training and development plans which provide you with the toolkit to take your career to the next level – our company is our people and there’s nothing better than seeing a member of the team flourish. We value everyone.
As well as career progression we operate safe bars which attract like-minded people, which means it’s always a pleasure coming to work – plus we pride ourselves on throwing the best fiestas in the world, so you also get to have a bit of fun on the job!
It’s a really exciting time for us being part of Nightcap PLC. We have plans to expand even further across the country, opening bars in some of the UK’s most vibrant cities. Wherever the future takes us, we promise it won’t be boring.
Apply today and become part of the Familia – promise you won’t regret it!
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